About me:

I’ve been working in primary, secondary and special needs education since 2002, as a TA of various levels, teacher and supply teacher. I’ve also worked for a school leaders’ union and I am active within the NUT.

Because of my work with unions, a short time working for employment tribunal, my engagement with teachers on and offline and my time on supply, I have seen and read about a lot of stuff going on across different schools and authorities that is tantamount to poor, and in some cases, outrageous treatment of school staff.  So I really care about school staff wellbeing and union matters and as well as this blog and disproportionately long Facebook statuses, I have written for TES and SecEd on such issues.

In the unlikely event you want to hear more of what my mother calls “getting all up in arms about things”, you can find me on Twitter @anachricon

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